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Chapter 6 begins with some more story reveals. After learning some additional details about Shadow, the sprint mechanic is granted and then used in order to proceed through the tunnels. Inside the robot factory, the biggest threat to Shadow are the security lasers that trigger a number of countermeasures if tripped up. Tripping a laser isn’t automatic death, but is certainly a death sentence as a very large buzzsaw will make short work of Shadow.


Most of chapter 6 is simply platforming through laser grids and spiked walls. The actual enemies are fairly few, it’s mostly just trying not to get hit into the spikes or lasers. The health tank isn’t exactly hidden but you do need to head down the shaft on the right side to get it. It’s pretty hard to miss.

The next few sections are more feats of dexterity and timing. Mostly just platforming between pistons, trying not to get crushed in the process. As a reward for the amount of difficult platforming that the chapter mostly consists of, no mid-boss this time around.


Hope you’re not claustrophobic because this boss fight takes place in an itty bitty room. The eye in the middle of the mouth of the Tunnel Cleaner is the only vulnerable area. Begin the fight by attacking the eye and then dodging the laser blasts that come at an angle. The Tunnel Cleaner then shoots a pulse which will fade away about half way into the room. Let the enemy that comes out go overhead and then attack the Cleaner quickly before turning attention back to the smaller enemy. At the half health mark, the smaller enemies come from both sides, dash through the laser to get behind the one closer to the cleaner in order to take them both out.

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