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Having trouble defeating the head Hieroglyph Knight himself, Chatelard?

The battle is definitely long but thankfully Chatelard only has a few different methods of attack that can be predicted once you notice the signs. Check out the abbreviated battle below to see the different attacks.


Chatelard’s main method of attack is a forward dash followed by a projectile launch. Keep watch for when Chatelard squats and then leap or stay out of the way. Once he stops, Chatelard turns around and flings purple arrows which go out in a spread, so if you have some distance it’s easy enough to avoid.


When Chatelard jumps into the sky, what’s coming is a ground stomp that sends out a pulse that you’ll need to jump over. Don’t be too hasty to get in a hit, a force field remains around Chatelard for a few moments that will damage your character so wait a moment before going in for a strike.


A glowing sword means that Chatelard is about to try to spear your character with his sword. The attack covers a good distance but is easy enough to dodge and is a good opportunity to use a flash dodge or guard for a temporary boost.


As Chatelard begins to wear down, a new attack is added to his repertoire. A ground wave is launched towards your character followed by a second wave that travels in the sky above it. Jumping over the wave only prevents half the damage since the higher blast will get you, dodging sideways is the only way to avoid damage. This attack begins with an underhand swing of a charged sword, so it looks a bit like the spear so take care in the direction of the sword.

Chatelard hesitates after each attack for a brief moment so that is the time to strike. The battle goes on for a little bit due to his high HP but isn’t too hard when you use the signs to predict the attacks. Probably doesn’t hurt to have a few health items in stock before the fight just in case.

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