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Demos for Sea of Stars and Octopath Traveler II are now available, and the pub has a few things to say about them.

Episode 199

Sea of Stars Demo Discussion

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During the forty minute Nintendo Direct, the ears of RPG fans around the world perked up upon the announcement of a release date for the highly anticipated title from Sabotage Studios, Sea of Stars. Thankfully, the wait until August 29th is softened by the release of a demo that provides a glimpse of what is to come. David and Paige discuss many aspects of the game, including: graphics, combat system, soundtrack, writing, and fishing mechanics.

The second bit of good news during the Direct is the release of a demo for the Square Enix 2D-HD spectacle, Octopath Traveler II. Fans get a three hour taste of the beautiful RPG from Team Amano. Players are able to choose any of the eight featured characters and begin their adventure in their respective locations. The demo restricts users to stay within each characters area of origin and locks down when the play clock hits three hours. It’s unclear so far whether many of the criticisms of the first game will be addressed in the sequel but so far the characters are making eye contact with each other so that’s already a win, right?

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