Thunderful Games announces new RPG, Source of Madness

Scaring the pants off of players on all the major consoles

Video Game Adaptation of Made in Abyss is in Development

Spike Chunsoft announces a new game based on the popular Manga.

Out Today: Classic Turn-Based RPG, Royal Frontier

Choose your party wisely lest the harsh Royal Frontier will be your doom.

Has a Pokémon Card Shortage Triggered a Rise in Popularity of Deck Building Games?

Physical cards may be impossible to find but there’s no shortage of digital games available.

Just How Much Attention to Detail Went Into the Development of Fantasian

Jessica Chavez shares the unique localization process utilized in the translation of what could possibly be Hironobu Sakaguchi’s final game.

How To Play Classic Final Fantasy Titles in the Modern Era

An updated list of the best modern platforms to play classic Final Fantasy.

Indie Spotlight – Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators Impressions

A shoot ’em up with a nostalgic feel and some modern improvements.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles coming to PlayStation 5

Signature physical editions will also be available this May as well.

The Power of Positive Gaming

It’s amazing how much a fun chat with your friends can brighten your day.

Top RPGs 2021

An RPG Lover’s Checklist of Games to Complete in 2021

A mix of old classics and new releases are the focus of this coming year.

Final Fantasy Franchise

A Look Back at The Final Fantasy Episode

We’ve come a long way since those early episodes.

Best RPG of All Time

The Thirsty Mage RPG Battle Royale

Picking only 32 games was hard enough, getting to number 1 is going to be a long and difficult battle.

Vigil: the longest night

Vigil: The Longest Night on Nintendo Switch – Impressions

The indie Metroidvania looks to stand out from the crowd on Nintendo Switch.

Bloodborne Pic

Special Halloween Podcast – Returning to the Streets of Bloodborne

The only thing more dreadful than walking the streets of Yharnam is trending on Twitter in 2020.

Haven Trailer

Haven Will Release on Next-Gen Consoles

An RPG with bright and colourful visuals is exactly the type of game to lead off on the next consoles.

Impressions on Outpost Delta for Nintendo Switch

A word of caution for this indie title on Switch.

The Long Dark – Nintendo Switch Review

A survival game so detailed the only mechanic missing is yellow snow.

Warsaw – Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo title based upon the 1944 Warsaw Uprising provides a respectful and worthwhile experience.

Cloud Gardens – Impressions from Early Access

A beautiful cyberpunk-inspired zen garden for your PC.

Hades – Nintendo Switch Review

The latest SuperGiant Games title is a masterclass in video game writing.

Robots Under Attack! – Nintendo Switch Review

A cute puzzle game that provides an enjoyable break from a busy day.

Top 5 Games We Hope Are Available Day 1 On PlayStation 5

It would be nice to play some old favourites on a shiny new console.

The Long Dark on Nintendo Switch: Preview

The long wait for this title to come to the Nintendo Switch was worth it.

New 90s Inspired JRPG Launching Soon on Nintendo Switch

Woodsalt aims to tug at your nostalgia strings with a quirky cast of characters.

Ys Origin Modernization Announced for Nintendo Switch

Please keep the Falcom developed games coming.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Confirmed for September 8

The one and only game from the doomed Curt Schilling studio is getting a remaster.