A Little Autumn Cleaning Of Our Backlogs

The pub frantically tries to clear their backlogs leading up to the next generation of consoles.

A Little Autumn Cleaning Of Our Backlogs

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At the pub this week: Thirsty Mage Host – David Lloyd, NWR Reviews Editor – Jordan Rudek, LadiesGamers.com Writer – Paige Detlefsen.

Make sure to subscribe to Paige’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTMxpDDy3x6wlNz_3Apn0Yg

Instagram: @TheThirstyMage
Twitter: @TheThirstyMage
Discord: discord.gg/kwR9kxC
Email: David@TheThirstyMage.com

The Thirsty Mage is a evolving into a video game club where fans of RPGs (and other genres too) meet up to discuss their opinions and enjoy gaming together. Bringing your own pint is encouraged!

Why do we have a Patreon? 

For a couple of reasons. As any RPG fan will tell you, it’s not cheap or easy to find games (or the time to the play them) in this genre. Our goal is to build a community where we can meet up to help and encourage each other to have positive video game experiences. By starting a Patreon, this will allow us to cover the costs of running a website and obtaining retro RPG titles that are otherwise to ugh to come across. Each month our goal is to share these games and experiences with our community, whether it’s codes for new games, or old physical copies of retro titles we’d like to share. 


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