Sunless Sea for Nintendo Switch Review

By Casey Gibson Sunless Sea is an exploration based adventure that sets sail around the dark and ominous waters surrounding Fallen London. Survival is key as you venture from port-to-port encountering both enemies and mental obstacles along the way. The world is big and traversing it takes time, leading to a much slower paced experience […]

Sakura Wars On PlayStation 4 Review

Review by Jordan Rudek Despite being the sixth mainline entry in the series, 2020’s Sakura Wars (2019 in Japan) represents a soft reboot of the series, exchanging tactical RPG combat for an action-heavy musou style. The series’ familiar dating sim and visual novel elements remain intact and actually make up the majority of the game, […]

Persona 5 Royal Review

With Persona 5 Royal currently discounted 25% during the Sony Days of Play Sale, now is the perfect time to circle back to one of the best games in recent memory. Persona 5 is already one of the best video games ever made, so unsurprisingly when you add 30 hours of content that includes a […]

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