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The Thirsty Mage is our virtual pub where friends meet to have a drink and discuss their favourite RPGs. Whether it’s about specific games or RPG related topics, the pub is always open for positive discussions.

Urge To Be Disappointed: Rising

Urge To Be Disappointed: Rising

Episode 161

David and Jordan discuss the action-RPG add on game - Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising, after a short breakdown of the Nintendo Indie World presentation.

Tales Of The Lands-Between: Elden Ring Spoilercast

Episode 160

The pub is joined by Alex from Backlog Battle to share our favourite adventures from the FromSoftware masterpiece: Elden Ring.

Dreaming About Radical Remasters: Chrono Cross

Episode 159

The pub gets together to talk about Chrono Cross, the Radical Dreamers remake to see if it still stands up or if it’s aged beyond its time.

Sorting Through Sophie’s Synthesis

Episode 158

On this week’s podcast, Paige welcomes back Maggie Jones Lutey to the pub to break down Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream.

Expanding Our RPG Tastes

Episode 157

The pub shares some games that they normally wouldn’t play but ended up really enjoying.

The Value of the PlayStation Triple Plus Package

Episode 156

With the announcement from Sony that a PlayStation competitor to Xbox GamePass is on the way, the pub has a discussion about what games they’d like to play and whether the service is redundant.

A Review of some of the Most Bizarre RPGs

Episode 155

Inspired by Stranger of Paradise, the pub shares some of the most bizarre RPGs they ever played.

All The Young Souls Want The Ring

Episode 154

The pub can’t stop talking (spoiler-free) about Elden Ring but do take a break to assess the enjoyment of Young Souls and Gran Turismo 7.

Sweating to the RPGs

Episode 153

Hot on the heels of our January challenge, the pub has a discussion about Ring Fit Adventure and its effectiveness as both an RPG and as a form of exercise.

Some Retro-Style RPGs That Are Deedlit(ful)

Episode 152

David and Jordan talk about a pair of indie games in Rise of Third Power and Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth and finish up with some Voice of Cards discussion.

Swimming in Elden Ring Money Like Scrooge McDuck

Episode 151

Jordan and David talk about (spoiler-free) two of the hottest games right now: Elden Ring and Triangle Strategy.

Relic of a Bygone Era - Super Castlevania IV

Episode 150

The lads from the Talk Nintendo Podcast join us for our 150th episode celebration with a playthrough of the tough as nails classic: Super Castlevania IV.

The Podcast Team

David Lloyd

Thirsty Mage Host

David created The Thirsty Mage RPG Podcast back in 2018 after playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. His love of video games began after receiving a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas when he was 8 and hasn’t stopped playing ever since.

David Lloyd

Jordan Rudek

Thirsty Mage Co-Host

A prolific review fiend, Jordan has played and ranked hundreds of games spanning across multiple platforms. When he’s not teaching college kids how to write, he’s editing at Nintendo World Report.

Jordan Rudek

Casey Gibson

Thirsty Mage Co-Host

Casey can be found running a guild in World of Warcraft, or living up to his title of the busiest man in podcasting as the better half of The Talk Nintendo Podcast.

Casey Gibson

Paige Chamberlain

Thirsty Mage Co-Host

The Monster Hunter from Down Under, the only thing larger than Paige’s love of Nintendo is the ever growing size of her video game backlog.

Paige Chamberlain

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