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Congratulations on getting this far, only some really annoying platforming and a multi-phase final boss to go. The reason the platforming is so annoying in this chapter is because it requires a mastery of double jumping after an attack. An enemy is placed at the gate to practice this mechanic but it doesn’t make it any less irritating.

Unfortunately, no secret or tricks are available to assist in reaching the top of the tower to take on the final boss. Three sections of bouncing off of some enemies while avoiding others until a save point right before the end.


It’s time for sweet revenge for the death of Exo. Thankfully, the pattern is pretty easy to predict and avoid damage. Immediately, Apparitor dashes towards Shadow, leap over and wait for the laser attack. It’ll either come from the left, right, or from both sides before leaving the middle of the screen unharmed. The best time to attack is this moment when the Apparitor drops from the sky after the lasers. Put in a couple hits and then run to the opposite side of the screen to avoid the fireballs. This pattern continuously repeats until you defeat them.


The Progenitor puts up a much tougher fight. The first attack is a trio of orbs that home in on Shadow, stick to the side until the they get close and then dash back to the center. The second attack is a stone that again, will drop near Shadow and fire lasers into the air. Apply the same strategy by attracting it to the edge and dashing back towards the center in order to attack the center stone to unveil the doctor. Be careful though, slashing the stone will force Shadow backwards and could launch him into the lasers.


The final phase is no easy task. First, unlock the elementals by quickly attack the stomach and sides of the Progenitor. The elementals will provide assistance to Shadow in the form of a temporary boosts like a shield, projectile attack, and a platform to reach the boss. Avoid the fire and spinning blades that rain down and use the green platforms to get close enough to apply damage and it’s only a matter of time until Shadow is victorious.

The reward for a job well done is a satisfying conclusion to the story and statistics that detail the amount of time played and number of deaths throughout the campaign.

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