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Reviews of video games spanning all genres and from all the popular platforms: Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

As an independent outlet with only a handful of writers, we tend to do reviews based on personal interest in the chosen games. That doesn’t mean we’ll recommend every game we play, but our philosophy is that making a video game is incredibly hard and developers deserve respectful analysis of their work.

Revita on Nintendo Switch Review

Revita on Nintendo Switch
Revita on Nintendo Switch Review In danger of falling under the radar, Revita is a...
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tERRORbane on Nintendo Switch Review

A brief meta-experience that gleefully demolishes the fourth wall.

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Fixfox on Steam Review

As close to a warm hug in front of the fire as you’re gonna get in gaming.

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The Ascent on PlayStation 5 Review

Make sure your Dualsense controller is fully charged before setting off on this twin-stick shooting, cyberpunk adventure.

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Young Souls on PlayStation 5: Review

An arcade Beat ‘Em Up blended with RPG elements and mind-blowing visuals.

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Royal Frontier on Nintendo Switch Review

The rewards at the end of this trail might not be worth being pillaged over.

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Voice of Cards – The Forsaken Maiden on Nintendo Switch Review

Yoko Taro and the team at Square Enix continue their tradition of excellent storytelling.

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Revue De Grapple Dog Sur Nintendo Switch

Seulement Grapple Dog peut nous sauver du désordre qu’il a fait.

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Revue de Toodee et Topdee sur Nintendo Switch

Un jeu de plateforme de puzzle soigné qui fait du bon travail en utilisant son mécanisme de signature.

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Looking for a more detailed analysis for a specific game? Our podcast often focuses on particular games, getting into the weeds of what exactly makes them great.

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