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The tutorial area of Cyber Shadow allows the player to get a feel for the jumping and attacking mechanics, as well as lightly setup the story. No enemies are present, just a quick stroll to the main game map.

Chapter 1 – Geothermal Towers

Now is when the fun begins. Enemies are fairly standard with nothing too difficult, a mix of stationary, jumping, and flying enemies provide a taste of what’s to come. Just be sure to jump over the steam pipes to avoid losing health. The mini-boss at the end is easy to defeat, simply stand right under them and after each gun blast, jump and slash. The two bombs that are lobbed won’t be able to hit you when next to the enemy.

Missable Item: Health Tank Upgrade

The second section is more of the same. A false wall at the far left on the first level going up hides a sabre upgrade. The upgrade slightly increases the range of the slash allowing for some additional space between Shadow and the enemies. Right before the mini-boss is a false wall that houses the first piece of a health upgrade. Collect three and Shadow will get an overall boost in hp.

The third section becomes a vertical climber, requiring quick movements to avoid multiple enemies. Getting to the save point quickly is key. From there it’s a quick leap to the level one boss.

Level 1 Mid-Boss – Smasher

The first boss is not an overly difficult one. Start by taking out the guns on either side of the Smasher while avoiding the fireballs and crusher. Once they’re gone, the boss’ weak point is the ball above that becomes exposed when the crusher drops. Stand next to the far wall while waiting for the arm to extend as you’ll need to jump over some ground fireballs each time.

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