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Looking to complete the Intrepid Tourist Trophy?

Check out our list below of all 21 Landmarks spread out across Balduq and their precise locations to earn the bronze achievement.

Fountain Plaza – Central District

Balduq Cathedral Spire – Central District

Stream of Soothing Light – Cloaca Maxima

Balduq Amphitheatre – Main Square

Memorial Tree – Artisan Lane

Balduq Coliseum – Entertainment District

Prison Entrance Gate – Prison Outskirts

Four Guardian Gargoyles – Noble District

Sunlit Greenery – Milianne Plains

Mushroom Mimetoliths – Milianne Plains

Summit of Mount El Dore – Mount El Dore

Springwater Reservoir – Estatte Road

Forbidden Altar Ruins – Woodlands of Woe

Hidden Herb Garden – Ciel Canyon Trail

Ninefold Falls – Keening Highlands

Watchtower of the Hundred Years’ War – Keening Highlands

Great Bell Bridge – Emain Macha

Balduq Canal Falls – Dry Moat Ruins

Natural Lava Furnace – Quarry Ruins

Colossal Windhole Deposit – Groaning Grotto

Cave-in Runoff Deposit – Concealed Path


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