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For the increasing number of folks that have their hands on a brand new Steam Deck, the question that comes first to mind when searching the massive Steam game catalog is: will this game work on Steam Deck? Every day, more and more games are getting officially verified but the volume is just too large to rely on Valve alone. Many great indie games may fall under the radar waiting to get their verification. We here at The Thirsty Mage plan to assist with confirming on our own whether a game will play on the Steam Deck.

Torn Away – Release Date TBA

An upcoming Steam release, Torn Away is an interactive story set during World War II that blends in some light stealth mechanics. The game works with the Steam Deck with no additional setup required. Unfortunately, the one exception is that the button prompts are still set to the keyboard, so some memorization is needed.

Please excuse the lack of sound, some technical difficulties recording this one.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors – Available Now

This fun turn-based survival roguelike has been out since 2021 but has since launched a new update with added features. Thankfully, Terminus works with the default controls using the trackpad and plays excellent on the Steam Deck.

We’ve got audio on this one!

Nitro Kid – October 18, 2022

The latest game from TinyBuild is coming to Steam very shortly, and though the title is not yet verified for Steam Deck, it is possible to get it working. In the video below, David explains which controller layout is required and shows how the game is played. Fans of the deck-building genre will definitely want to put this one on their wish list to check it out.

Both commentary and audio!

What upcoming indie release are you hoping will be playable on Steam Deck? Let us know in the comments or come join us on Reddit. Basically, we would love to discuss what games we should cover on the podcast and YouTube channel.

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