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Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

Watch as David plays through an iconic RPG from Square Enix.

Intro to Damcyan 55:46

The journey begins with a disagreement between Cecil and the King of Baron that ends up in the Kingdom of Damcyan.

Damcyan to Fabul 42:36

Cecil’s party continues to grow as they make their way to Fabul in the hopes of preventing another crystal falling into the hands to Baron

Fabul to Mt. Ordeals 51:03

From Fabul Castle to Mt. Ordeals, It’s time for Cecil to evolve.

Dropping the Darkness  53:19

From becoming a Paladin to getting my butt kicked by Baigen, it’s Final Fantasy IV part 4!

Back to Baron 48:20

Part 5 takes us from defeating Baigen to obtaining the Earth Crystal from the evil Dark Elf.

Golbez Double Cross 45:49

In part 6 of our playthrough, Cecil hands over the Earth Crystal only to be double crossed by Golbez

The Dark Crystals  103:43

After heading to the underground, Cecil and his team attempt to steal the Dark Crystals from Golbez.

Tower of Babel  52:01

After leaving the underground, it’s time to sneak back into the Tower of Babel.

The Lunar Whale  39:06

After leaving the underground, it’s time to sneak back into the Tower of Babel.

To The Moon  47:02

Having landed on the moon, Cecil and the group discovers the origins of the world’s problems.

Giant of Babel  55:40

Nearing the end, we defeat the Giant of Babel and then circle back to pick up some important equipment we missed earlier on.

The Final Battle  55:41

We’ve finally made it to the final dungeon, and it’s time to fight the last boss of Final Fantasy IV, Zeromus!

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