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The terrific tactics-based RPG, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is getting a new DLC releasing on all platforms June 23.

The Missions and Monsters expansion includes:

  • Recruit and tame monsters to join your roster
  • Customize your monster allies with the new monster subclass system, selecting up to 2 optional subclasses from a selection of more than 20.
  • Unlock 3 new human classes, the Beastmaster, Samurai, and Wrangler, adding a variety of new powerful abilities to your arsenal.
  • Uncover new equipment and crafting recipes.
  • Discover 5 new locations, featuring a combination of larger encounter battles and powerful named monster enemies.
  • Face deadly new encounters, including the largest-scale battles seen in-game and challenging end-game content additions.
  • Upgrade Arbiter’s Guilds across the land to reap benefits and rewards for the party.
  • New in-game system to send recruits out on missions lets you collect new rewards and open up new content.
  • New songs will accompany you as you explore the land of Teora.
  • Challenge yourself with new achievements

A review for the Nintendo Switch version of the base game can be read here at Nintendo World

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