An Out Of This World Indie JRPG – Cosmic Star Heroine

The pub discusses an indie JRPG that was influenced by a long list of some of our favourite games.

At the pub:
Thirsty Mage Host – David Lloyd
LadiesGamers.com Reviewer – Paige Detlefsen

Beer of the Night – La Graincheuse – La Voie Maltee – Amber Beer – 8.5%

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Here’s some listener testimonials on Cosmic Star Heroine:

Jonathan Falu; The Smartest Moron on YouTube Writes: I found the game to be fantastic and worth the wait. While games like Mighty Number 9 disappointed me with bad level design, the developers with this game knew how to make a good combat system. It’s weird to think how style could be used effectively in an RPG, kind of like Devil May Cry in a way, yet it surprisingly works, showing off how effective it is in harder difficulties; the hardest mode drove me nuts with the first battle due to how careful you need to be.

My only major complaint is how easy it got towards the end, though really, I can say that for about any RPG, especially if you do the side content. One neat detail that interested me was in how you got a weapon for a party member who left you, making you think there might be a way to save them…only to be unable to. Awesome troll moment. Another complaint I could say is how the story was okay, but that was based on expectations I have with reviews I have done in the past. Considering how many people worked on the game, I can’t fault it too much and it’s quite enjoyable, especially with side-quests to help expand them all. If there’s one regret I have when backing it, it’s mainly not getting the physical version or that T-shirt. Other than that, this game is worth every penny.

@MonotoneGent writes: Its got some issues, (I feel like considering battles are based on enemy placement they could have been moved about like Chrono Trigger, for instance) but its one of the better indie JRPGs I’ve played. Happy I jumped on the LRG copy.

@DawnKnightX writes: Great mechanics, but despite having a shot ton of characters, none of them are really fleshed out. I literally forgot who some of them were towards the end. Still, I loved the combat mechanics.

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