New 90s Inspired JRPG Launching Soon on Nintendo Switch

Woodsalt aims to tug at your nostalgia strings with a quirky cast of characters.

Few would argue against the ‘90s being a golden age for JRPGs, the folks at Team Woodsalt certainly feel that way, and that’s why they have a new game retro style game coming to the Nintendo Switch and on PC through Steam.

Woodsalt is a narrative-led sci-fi JRPG that has players exploring other worldly locals while solving a mystery with an eccentric cast of characters. The indie title is launching on October 13 and features:

  • A curated Shounen odyssey free from fetch quests or filler, every chapter a full piece of the overarching puzzle and wanderlust of the city.
  • Multiple Endings across main and side quests including secret versions that may involve cat collecting…
  • Come across a dog with a space helmet

An announcement trailer for Woodsalt can be viewed below.

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