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Many websites out there cover video games, but when you find another outlet that has the same value of positivity at its core, it’s really nice to work together. Just like our site, we recognized that The Thirsty Mage understands the importance of bringing positivity to the gaming community.

Let me tell you about the Power of Positive Gaming!

Women Enter the World of Video Games

The world of video games has changed. I mean, not so long ago that world was the terrain of adolescent men who spent their free time behind a gaming screen, fostering online friendships because their social life was rather empty. Of course, that’s a stereotype, but wouldn’t you agree that it wasn’t that long ago someone like me, a woman leaning towards the age of 60 would have no gaming in my everyday activities?

However, nowadays more and more women flock to the hobby of playing video games and many adults that grew up on a diet of GameBoy or DS are still finding time to play. Fortunately it’s no longer seen as a waste of time to dive in an alternate world anymore. Well, it isn’t for most… my elderly mom still finds it weird that I can be busy with things like this. 

LadiesGamers has Positivity at its Bases

All because I couldn’t stop chatting about gaming and had no one in real life to talk to about it, I decided some 10 years ago to start my first blog. At the time, I only talked about games that I was enthusiastic about! My first ever game was Animal Crossing Wild World, and that’s a title that is perfectly suited to play with like-minded people through WiFi. It introduced me to the gaming world, and allowed me to share my enthusiasm and those friends loved reading my blog!

Being new to forum life, I was often unpleasantly surprised at the negativity people ventilated towards each other and by the way people felt the need to attack others about their gaming opinions or just seemed to want to make trouble. I honestly couldn’t imagine how it would make someone feel better to spread negativity this way. This is the reason why I decided to go about it differently. 

After a few aborted attempts, LadiesGamers came to life almost 7 years ago. Even though it wasn’t commonplace to be a website that aimed writing about feel good gaming, it didn’t deter me in bringing LadiesGamers to life exactly on that idea. The site has positivity at its foundation, bringing energy to the team of writers and creating a pleasant environment for our readers. 

Informative Reviewing with Respect 

We try to keep LadiesGamers a positive environment, reading articles on the site should give people energy. This however doesn’t mean that we only write positive reviews about just any game that comes along. That wouldn’t make our thoughts on gaming worth much, now would it? No, I have found that the best reviews are written when a writer feels enthusiasm for the game. And that means trying to find which writer fits best with a game.

For instance, don’t let me review a platformer game as I’m awful at them. And as is often the case, when you are not good at doing something, chances are you won’t like it much. So having me review a platformer often ends with a so-so review and a rating that isn’t optimal. There are other writers in our team who love a good platformer, like James. And having him review that game leads to a good review and an honest verdict.

LadiesGamers How we rate games

Of course, not each and every game we review has a good rating. Some aren’t what the writer was expecting, or have some bugs in them. Others are okay, but not at the price point offered. We try to find good in them, while at the meantime warn players about what to expect. But no matter how bad a game is, we don’t take any fun in burning a game down. So, we try to warn the reader in a matter of fact way, no malice included.  

Cute and Colourful Gaming

I like to think LadiesGamers is well known for our love of the cute, the colourful and the laid back gaming. Let’s just say we have loved featuring Wholesome Games even before the term Wholesome Games was first used in gaming media! We are always on the lookout for simulation Steam games that might make the jump to Switch, as we only cover games that are available on a handheld gaming device. Or Kickstarter campaigns that have elements of farming, simulation, crafting and exploration. 

We write from a family friendly perspective, reviewing games with the European age rating of 17 and below. And aside from Wholesome Games, we promote and review indie games which may not receive mainstream coverage. All of that ties in with the need to bring positivity! 

And very important: we consider all games on any handheld device  worth playing as long as someone enjoys them! Which means we don’t treat mobile games with disdain, and a woman who loves nothing more then play a farming game on their mobile phone is a gamer in our book too! 

Note from The Thirsty Mage

To faithful listeners of our podcast, as well as readers and watchers on the site, we’re happy to recommend as another outlet worth paying attention to. The positivity that they exsude is the same energy that we also strife for, and what we feel the video game industry needs more of.

Yvonne van Geloven

My friends tend to look at me with a faraway look in their eyes when I talk gaming to them again, so I decided to spare them and take up blogging instead. These are my thoughts and experiences in gaming from the perspective of a 50+ year old lady, with an occasional uptake on real life thrown in.

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