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Time to show off that brand new shooting star special by hitting the switch on the other side of the gap to activate the ledge. The walking androids with back packs can be defeated with one hit if you slash them from behind. Just be sure not to fall in the trash compactors or it’s an automatic death.

When you begin to ascend again, a chest on the left houses a sabre extension. Continue upwards until you reach a room with a mini-boss of sorts. Once attacked, it will begin spitting out the annoying bats that fly in circles. Attack the bats until the main enemy drops low enough to attack. Once defeated, the path to the right that was once blocked is now open.


This boss isn’t too difficult. First off, take out the guns on either side of the brain to stop the laser attacks. This can be done by waiting for the trash to fall so that you can jump on it and get close enough to slash. Once the lasers are gone, continue the same strategy for the brain, just make sure to avoid the fireballs as they are tossed out.

Travel right until you reach an elevator heading up. Sticking to the left side, avoiding the spikes and taking out the lasers is your best bet for an easy ride up. The next little bit is a tough go, avoid the gas leaks while you take out the androids and then jump back and forth on the garbage in order to climb up to the far ledge.


The Scrambler has two forms, Giant Robot and Pilot. As the robot, it will unleash a ground blast when it raises both fists in the air. You’ll want to jump away when you see this coming. When the Scrambler squats, that means its about to jump in the air in your direction. Running underneath is the easiest in this case. The boss also has a hand blaster that travels along the ground you’ll need to jump over. After taking enough hits, the boss loses its armour and jumps back and forth over top of you. It’s easy enough to simply jump over the flame blast and hit them when the land. Repeat until victory is yours. Shadow receives an uppercut attack after absorbing the power up.

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