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Section 2

Travel up the shaft, at the top on the left is a false wall that can’t be open quite yet. Head right making sure to keep an eye on the flying bugs that will attack at an angle. A false wall at the far right will reveal a sabre extension for as long as you can avoid three hits of damage.

Head up again, doing your best to avoid those same flying bugs as well as a number of stationary guns. A save station is your reward for reaching the top, but make sure not to miss the hidden room at the top left behind the false wall.

Missable Item: Health Upgrade Tank

This tank is a little harder to get to. Take out the walking bigs first, then move as close to the blue turret and time the attack right after the initial pellet blast. This is a section that makes you thankful that there are infinite lives. Heading right will take you to the final shaft up before the final boss. A short story scene precedes the final battle of the first chapter.

Chapter 1 Boss – Apparitor

Sometimes offence is the best defence, and that is certainly the case here. Once the boss becomes visible, run in and mash the attack button. The boss will absorb the power from the tank and that’s your queue to run away and jump over the projectiles. Jump over the boss when the run at Shadow and a brief pause gives time to mash attack once again. The Apparitor continues the same pattern of shooting projectiles and slamming into the wall. Just keep jumping and attacking when the boss becomes dazed and it should be a relatively easy victory.

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