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Chapter 4 begins with Shadow at the bottom of a shaft with two directions to choose from. Both are dead ends with a switch that needs to be triggered in order to open in the door in the shaft. Just some light platforming required, nothing too fancy.

After entering the door, head downwards while avoiding the laser blasting UFOs. Keeping heading downward, a small corridor has a couple water areas, Shadow can swim so don’t worry about falling in. Enjoying some story beats before moving onto the next section.

Moving forward is fairly simple, the first tricky part is the indestructible orbs that travel in a circle. Time your attack to avoid them and hit the center to stop the orbs and make them vulnerable to attack. Downward thrust multiple times to defeat the metal worms that are blocking the path. Coming up is a neat little section where Shadow enters a cyber verse in order to unlock a pathway. The octopus looking creatures attack Shadow only when in view so you can lure them in for defeat.

The next few sections are pretty much exclusively testing out your platforming skills. Timed jumps and quick reflexes are needed to avoid the enemies as you continue through the pathway. After the next save point comes these walls that block your path, shoot the orange tile and the blow up allowing passage. Shoot a few more enemies and platform down to the first boss of the chapter.


The MekaDragon isn’t too difficult once you spot the pattern. In the first wave, the Dragon emerges from the water and shoots a series of fireballs. Just avoid these for now by hanging back and slash at the platforms. After the blast, the Dragon will swim up and down destroying platforms., just avoid it for now. The Dragon sometimes will fly straight up and down but this is easy to avoid. On the second attack, the Dragon appears to begetting ready for fireballs again but instead electrifies the water. Once the Dragon emerges, spam an attack on a platform until it swims away. The Dragon will go back to fireballs next emergence and repeat this cycle until defeated.


Shadow will warp to the Ikuchi Shrine to speak with the clan via the Ethos and take on a trial for new power. Stay below the crystal as the ninjas spawn and simply slash as they come in close. Shadow’s reward is an increase to attack power to destroy certains walls.

Some more platforming is on the docket. Nothing all that dissimilar from the previous pathways, a lot of those same circling orbs.


This particular boss might just be one of the easiest in the game. Stand right next to the boss and wait for the red lights to turn on.

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