Tending the Summer Harvest – Story of Seasons And Stardew Valley

The patrons at the pub discuss the latest farming life sim to hit the Switch and how it compares to its peers.

At the pub:
Thirsty Mage Host – David Lloyd
LadiesGamers.com Reviewer – Paige Detlefsen

Beer of the Night – Trois Portages – Brasseurs Du Temps – 9.5% – Triple Belgium –

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Twitter: @PaigeGGuy
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTMxpDDy3x6wlNz_3Apn0Yg

Instagram: @TheThirstyMage
Twitter: @TheThirstyMage
Discord: discord.gg/kwR9kxC
Email: David@TheThirstyMage.com

Here’s some listener testimonials on farming sims:

Jonathan Falu; The Smartest Moron on YouTube Writes: Rune Factory. Honestly, I don’t enjoy games like these without some kind of combat, but this series offers a lot of options and encourages you to farm to become stronger too, as opposed to focusing on one element. Also the characters help too and I’m motivated to make them happy.

Daniel Writes: Harvest Moon 64 was legendary back in the day. I think the “role playing” part of it was what stuck with me so much. The freedom to sort of live each day as you determined (festivals, character interactions, tending to the land, upgrading/improving life around the town).

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