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Walkthrough – Cyber Shadow Guide – Chapter 3


Head up the shaft, make sure to avoid the escaping gas from the broken pipes. Moving left, a number of break away ledges need to be traversed. Nothing too special needed here, just some classic platforming skills.

Missable Item – Health Tank

Right next to the first save area is a breakaway wall inside a pipe. Run through the pipe to another breakaway wall and hiding behind it is one of those health tanks.

The next area is pretty uneventful. Just follow the path up another shaft, taking out synthetics along the way. After the next save point watch out for the enemies that shoot up from the holes in the floor. The next area is where things get tricky. Proximity mines are quite annoying, either take them out with ninja stars or get just close enough to activate them and run away. At the top, a blaster rains down lasers if you wait in one spot for too long. The laser is preceded by a targeting hair so you know where it will hit.


Jump onto the platform with the 2 guns and take them out first. The cab shoots an arcing blue fireball that splits when it hits the ground it splits into two. Just hop over them and slash the cab and it’ll be over quickly.

Missable Item – Special Tank

At the top of the next shaft is a false wall on the left that leads to a tank that will increase the special meter by a bar. The next few sections are mostly just a test of your platforming skills. Avoid the laser blasts while hopping from platform to platform.


The Bio Hunter pattern has the boss shooting a laser from the sky, dropping down to the ground for a lateral blast, and then flys overhead dropping bombs. Simply avoid the first blast, hit the hunter on the ground, and then jump between the bombs. Eventually the ground gives way and the fight resumes at the bottom of the tower. The Bio Hunter hesitates initially, take this opportunity to dish out some punishment and then keep on the attack while avoiding the Sephiroth-sized sword.

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