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With our 100th episode just around the corner, we wanted to have a fun competition to see what game The Thirsty Mage Community feels is the best RPG ever made.

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How will this process work?

A final list of quite possibly the best 32 games have been chosen based on a host of different factors. We then split them into 2 conferences: East and West, and further broken down into separate divisions.

In the Eastern Conference we have the Square Enix division. Within this division we will determine the best action-RPG, best modern turn-based, best retro turn-based, and a wild card entry, all leading up to the best Square Enix RPG.

The second division represents the best RPGs published by Nintendo. In this division, not only will we decide the best Monolith Soft game, but it will end up against the winner of the best retro Nintendo RPG.

Finishing up in the East, we’ll have the best Atlus game going up against the best Nihon Falcom developed game, and all will finally meet to determine the best game made in Japan. 

In the Western Conference, our divisions consist of Bethesda, Blizzard, Bioware, Indie Developed, Western Open World, And a little bit of eastern bleed over in the tactical and Action-RPG divisions. 

Winners of each match will be chosen using a complicated algorithm that takes into consideration the following elements: Votes cast by the podcast hosts, votes from Patreon, votes taken on social media.

Each round will be discussed on the podcast, leading up to the announcement of the final winner which will be revealed on our 100th episode March 7.

Who will reign supreme? Make sure to listen to the podcast for your chance to vote and help your favourite get to the final.

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